Everything You Need to Know About the Modafinil-Nicotine Squad

Everything You Need to Know About the Modafinil-Nicotine Squad

Everything You Need to Know About the Modafinil-Nicotine Squad 150 150 xanaxA

Modafinil is an amazing drug and almost every user has fell in love with this one. Over time, we have come across some combinations that have worked out for some and not for some. However, experiments have been going on and we cannot wait to see what the results are. In this article, we are going to see one such combination – a little weird one – Modafinil and nicotine.

Yes, you read that right! We are going to explore the effects especially cognitive ones offered by this unusual pair. The mainstream media have fed us enough about the negatives of nicotine. It sure has some negatives but we are going to see the positives it has to offer when paired with Modafinil.

This article is going to shed some light on the Modafinil-nicotine combination and its effects on our health. After reading this article, you will understand the dynamic of this combo in terms of cognitive enhancement, its role in smoking cessation etc. Are you ready to explore the Modafinil-nicotine tandem?

Do you have enough information about Modafinil?

Modafinil became the talk of the ton in the shortest span of time. The reason behind its instant fame is its ability to offer complete alertness and wakefulness along with sharp focus. One tablet taken in the morning is enough to let you enjoy these perks for about 12 to 14 hours. And it is huge! Well, if you are a student (above 18 years) or someone who works in a deadline-driven field then you must go for Modafinil.

People adore Modafinil for the perks it offers. The medicine has been in the usage for reducing depression symptoms as well when consumed along with primary anti-depressant medicines. Also, if you are a traveller and need something to take care of your jet lag situation, Modafinil 200mg is the best dosage you can rely on. Modafinil has been also proved to be beneficial to people dealing with fatigue caused by health issues such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

Not just students, people working in night or rotational shifts also take Modafinil to stay alert throughout their shifts. Essential service workers including doctors, nurses, police officers, soldiers, and even entrepreneurs have been benefitted by Modafinil.

Though Modafinil has become one of the best-selling nootropic medicines in no time, some people still not get the drug due to the fear of getting side effects. The FDA approval speaks for its safety. You can blindly trust this medicine to get the best results without the fear of experiencing severe side effects. Please note that mild natured side effects are bound to happen in some cases.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a nootropic! Yes, it is. Nootropics are defined as substances that enhance how your memory functions in harmless ways. Like Modafinil, nicotine is also a nootropic substance. And it is proved by researches.

Let’s know more about nicotine!

Nicotine is a habit forming substance however; it totally depends on how you consume it and the frequency of its consumption. One can take nicotine through various ways and some of them include vaping, inhalers, gums, patches, sprays, lozenges. As per various studies, vaping is one of the most addictive ways to take nicotine as it reaches to the brain quite faster.

Nicotine is addictive but you can control it by restricting your exposure to nicotine in any form, its intensity and of course the duration. When nicotine reaches the brain, it responds to it by enhancing your ‘reward’ feelings. This way your brain has trouble resisting nicotine. Well, it is well-known how addictive nicotine is. However, studies have proved that nicotine can be of great help for people dealing with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Nicotine might prevent the onset of these two issues.

What the science has to say about nicotine and Modafinil

As already mentioned above, nicotine and Modafinil have nootropic properties. We are going to see the primary benefits given by each nootropic which will help us validate the potential benefits offered by the Modafinil-nicotine combo.

Benefits of Modafinil

Elevates attention span

One study revealed that the participants who were given Modafinil 100mg and 200mg experienced more alert and attentive during cognitive tests taken after the dosage administration.

Improves working memory

A double-placebo clinical trial estimated that Modafinil 200mg pills efficiently improved the participants’ working memory.

Enhances your mood

Studies have concluded that Modafinil 200mg dosage boosts your mood. However, one must not consume higher dosage.

Benefits of Nicotine

Shortens the reaction time

A study with 20 people and divided into two groups – one was given 2mg of nicotine while the other group was kept on placebo – estimated that subjects kept on nicotine responded faster to the questions asked than those kept on placebo.

May assist improve behaviour in adolescents with ADHD

A double-blind study with teenagers who were non-smokers estimated that when they were given nicotine, they showed positive behavioural improvement.

Can boost athletic performance

After carefully reviewing more than 10 studies, scientists revealed that athletes can perform better in their choice of sports under the influence of nicotine. 

Benefits of Modafinil-nicotine combination

As per the revelations of various studies, it has been observed that Modafinil and nicotine have various benefits to offer but in isolation. Are there any benefits when we combine these two? Let’s find out!

Strong cognitive benefits

Modafinil and nicotine when combined together offer exceptionally string cognitive benefits. A consumer may feel hours and hours of sharp focus when he is on this combination.

Increased energy levels

A study revealed that the subjects involved in it were given 200mg Modafinil, 200mg of Modafinil, or a placebo. After 2 hours, they were given 2mg nicotine lozenge.

Helps in quitting smoking

It has been observed that when you take Modafinil and nicotine together, your craving for cigarettes goes down. A little more research is needed and human studies and trials are needed to make a concrete statement about the smoking cessation property of Modafinil-nicotine combination.

Final thoughts The Modafinil-nicotine tandem may give you a few benefits. However, one should know the negative effects of nicotine when consumed or used in excess in any form. Please do not harm your health with excess nicotine usage.